1. January 21st
    1. Feb. 17th - Sauerbraten Dinner
    1. March 24th
    1. April 21st
    2. April 28-30 District Choral
    1. June 17th
    1. TBA
    1. Moonlight Travelers & Cookout!
    2. They are an acoustic trio with rich, 3 part harmony. Playing music from the 50’s to Today. (Elvis, Buddy Holly, Tammy Wynnette, Rolling Stones, Marshall Tucker are just a few) There’s Something for everybody!! They love it when you get up and dance or sing along.

      Moonlight travelers will be playing 6 pm to 10 pm

      Food will be served from 5 PM-8 PM Serving:

      Bring your membership card and receive a ticket for a free drink
    1. September 23rd
    1. October
    1. November 18th - Sauerbraten Dinner
    1. December 9th